The celebration of 2 international films embedded in 2 different cultural extravaganzas. This year features the cultures of South-East Asia and Persian!

What is the Ethnic Mosaic Alliance?​

The people of Simcoe County have a welcoming spirit. With more than 61,000 foreign-born residents and 112 different languages spoken, our communities pride themselves on their openness and diversity.  The Ethnic Mosaic Alliance is a not-for-profit organization created by ethnocultural leaders in Simcoe County to celebrate our diversity.

Our Mission

We enrich our community by embracing, promoting, and celebrating cultural diversity.

Our Vision

Simcoe County will be a leading community in being safe, welcoming, and celebrating the mosaic of diversity in all aspects of community life.

Our Values

Who is behind Ethnic Mosaic Alliance?

EMA consists of Board Members from a range of ethno-cultural and faith-based groups. EMA’s Executives come from various regions around the County.

The Genesis of The Ethnic Mosaic Alliance

How Does Ethnic Mosaic Centre Build Community Culture?

Who Will It Serve?

Whether you are a Highland Dancer, a Bhangra Dancer, or a First Nations Dancer, you will be welcome to express and share your heritage and culture in this space! The Centre will not be only for Newcomers or Immigrants, it will include anyone interested in sharing and expressing their heritage in a way that is inclusive to others.

Potential Programs

We feature many food-related programs such as Community suppers, cultural celebrations like Diwali, Chinese new year, and Newroz or Nowruz. We celebrate many different cultural new years and celebrations and we're always adding more!

Where Will It Be?

This is under review at the moment. A number of regions in Simcoe County have expressed interest in hosting this dynamic space. We are targeting the South Simcoe area because this is where the population is. We need to consider a lot of factors; land gifts, site specific attributes, proximity to transportation and density nodes.

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There are South Asian families who drive their children to Toronto for dance lessons. *

Join Us In Celebration

Our Potential Programs

  • Food Related programs such as community suppers.
  • Upgrading credentials for success with the opportunity to provide the material in a variety of languages i.e. Food Safety Handling, WWMIS training. 
  • Cultural Celebrations i.e. Diwali, Chinese New Year, Newroz.
  • Recognition and celebration of historically important events i.e. Black History Month. 
  • Parent Support Services.
  • Culturally Specific Counselling Services.
  • Financial Seminars offered in a variety of languages.
  • Citizenship classes and potential ceremonies. 
  • Music and Arts programs i.e. Salsa, Bhangra, Irish.
  • Recreation programs i.e. mah-jong tournaments, cricket, tai chi.
  • Heritage language classes and conversation circles.
  • Part-time ESL classes in the evening for those who are employed.
  • Social Entrepreneurship-International catering, café.
  • Seniors Day Care with a variety of languages spoken.
  • Ethno-cultural Association meetings.
  • Faith-based ceremonies.
  • Resource library with print media in a variety of languages.
  • Translation opportunities.

How much do you know?

Test Your Knowledge

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There are South Asian families who drive their children to Toronto for dance lessons. *